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Any fun family memories you wanna share?

We all have them. And they can be so inspiring to others. What's yours?

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3 comments to “Any fun family memories you wanna share?”
Erin said...

I remember my sisters and I wanting to make brownies when we were younger while my parents were out. We made them successfully. Then we wanted to make icing for them, of course. The sweeter the better right?

We had a general idea of what to use, but didn't know what specific ingredients were needed. We added green food coloring and apparently cream of tartar. The "off" taste soaked into the brownies and ruined the whole batch. We still laugh about "the green brownies" to this day.

Anonymous said...

Well, mine is not hysterically funny but to me, they were fun times.
My father was a body and fender repairman , a garage owner. Each day, he came home at lunchtime for thirty minutes. I waited for him on the corner every day and each day, he had something in his pocket for me, something small.
He would bring me magnets and show me on the kitchen table how they worked. He'd bring nuts and bolts and show me how I could make sculptures from anything. He started me a collection of hood ornaments and brought me one of his old toolboxes to keep them in. I learned all about makes of cars from identifying hood ornaments.
It's the small things, you know? It was the highlight of my day, my dad coming home for lunch. He made it so much fun that I ate that stupid cream of vegetable soup without a complaint.

Ann On and On... said...

I love this concept. This year for Christmas I made my parents a book about their grandchildren. I called all 7 and asked them questions. Ex. favorite ice cream, color, what they like best about grandma/pa... It was so sweet. My parents as well as my sisters and brother loved it. My other idea was to have them ask a question to grandma/pa then my parents would have to answer them on a video, for the kids to have later in life.(Didn't do yet) My mom made a photo album of all our Christmases as a family growing up...we laughed and cried (some hard times and good) as we look through them. This would be a great way for my parents to share more about their lives for all of us kids.

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